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It has taken us years to get the quality females that make up our herd at Henry Hills. They come from some of the top llama breeders in the country. They have great bloodlines, excellent conformation, are gentle, with great dispositions. Most have been shown or produced show quality cria. They are all registered.

Our 2016 crias have arrived and they are worth the wait! We have 5 beautiful babies, four females and one outstanding male! If you see one you like, a deposit will hold the cria until it is weaned. When you pick it up it will already be registered, halter trained, will lead and tie and load. If you are looking for a llama too show or just a fun companion llama anyone of these will fit the bill. Please keep in mind that an only llama is a lonely llama - they are herd animals and need a companion, preferably another llama! Feel free to call with any questions or more information.

Dun N Style
DOB: 3-28-16
Easy Dun It x RGA Miss Starlight

I can't say enough about this male. He is so correct and well balanced. I love the way he moves. His disposition and color along with his fine fiber are just icing on the cake. His full brother has done very well in the show ring, is an ALSA Grand National Grand Champion and I think this boy will also do well in the show ring. He is out of our best producing female and both sire and dam have wonderful dispositions. Sold! Thank you Misty Vaughan.

Anna's Dun It
DOB: 5-14-16
Easy Dun It x Chilean Annazanna RDRL

This girl is always on! She has so much presence and style about her. She is very correct, moves well and is out of the sweetest mama llama on the place. Annie is every ones favorite girl. She loves her back scratches! We haven't come up with a name for her yet. She is only two weeks old in this picture so we will update her photos as she gets older. Her color is unusual and she has just enough white to make her stand out. Show, companion, she can do whatever you want. Due to transportation problems Anna is still for sale. She is going to be a big girl and very correct. Sold! Thank You Jay and Teresa Smith.

Lotus Rose
DOB: 5-14-16
Easy Dun It x J&D's Little Sweetpea

Last year Sweetpea had the largest male cria born on our place that I have ever seen anywhere. He weighed in at 40 lbs. and was the size of some of our month old babies....well this girl is another huge one! She is just stunning! She is only 3 days old in this picture! We will update her picture as she gets older. She is soooooo cute with a lot of color and I can tell she is going to have a good disposition. She looks to be very correct. This is one we will want to watch grow. Lotus Rose is not for sale at this time.

Josie Brown
DOB: 5-16-16
Easy Dun It x Aloha Celia

Josie Brown is out of one of our favorite females, a beautiful, gentle Suri Aloha Celia. Josie has a lot of style and moves well. She was up and running within 20 minutes and due to Celia being a wonderful mom with tons of milk she is growing like a weed!!! I think she is going to have her mom's wonderful disposition. She is priced at $600 or may consider selling her with her mom, Celia, only to a good home with people who will take proper care of her. Sold! Thank You Jay and Teresa Smith.

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