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2024 Cria Season

Below are some pictures of my llama mamas. When I had to cut back my herd these girls were my keeper herd. I love everything about them. They are all registered, with excellent bloodlines. They came from some of the best, well known breeders in the industry. They all have wonderful dispositions and produce show quality babies. Please keep in mind these girls are in their working clothes right out of the pasture, not groomed. Please go to the ILR website to see what they have produced.

We are so excited for this crop of crias!! They will be Catawba's first babies. I love everything about him. He is so correct and has the best disposition. He did very well in the show ring. I can't wait to see what he produces. I never thought I could find a breeding male to replace my wonderful old man Easy Dun It but Catawba comes close. We do have one Easy baby coming. Coquette is expecting her 3rd Easy baby. I am expecting a black and white baby with the most gorgeous high luster suri fiber! Her last two were beautiful black/white suri males. I am hoping for a female this time! Easy Dun It is 15 years old this year and still settling females but I can tell it is getting harder for him. We love that llama!!

I will add pictures of the new cria as they arrive in the boxes below with their dams. If you see one you like, a deposit will hold it until weaning. I wean at about 6 or 7 months. The cria will be registered, halter broke and will lead, tie and load plus be up to date on worming and shots. It will also come with a correct fitting halter and lead. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

The following are our llama mamas (not for sale unless noted). Their cria will be available when added as shown.

Pixie Rose
DOB 4-2-2024
reg. #pending
Bahamas Catawba SI207 x Stage Stop Kalev

Kalev has done it again! Another beautiful fancy girl! And to make it extra special she is Catawba's first cria. What a match. This female is so correct and even at this young age she has so much presence. if you want something to show, or for performance or just to make you smile she will do it all. I know she will have her sire and dams good disposition! She will be available in the fall after weaning and training. She will come with a correct fitting halter and lead. She will have her registration papers and up to date on shots and worming. Sold! Thank you Amy Birkenback.

Stage Stop Kalev
ID# 288309
DOB 11-1-2014
Stage Stop Kelev x Stage Stop Firefly

I can't say enough about this female! I saw her in the ring at March Madness and fell in love with her. I followed her out of the ring and bought her on the spot. She has had 3 amazing babies for us, one male and two females, all just exceptional cria. Kalelv did well in the show ring and her babies all have her great disposition and all were very correct. Kalev is one of my top females. She is a treasure to own!

Dun It With A Splash
DOB 4-20-2024
reg. #pending
Easy Dun It x Stage Stop Coquette

Coquette has done it again! Another beautiful black and white boy! The only difference is Splash is a silkey instead of a Suri. He is only a week old in this picture but already shows a lot of promise. Like all of her babies his fiber is high luster and just beautiful. He is a striking boy and will be a fun one to watch grow. Sold! Thank You Krystin Bodden.

Stage Stop Coquette
ID# 292801
DOB 8-18-2018
Telemark x White star's Peruvian Minx

She is a true black with the sweetest disposition. Her dam is a full Peruvian going back to Peruvian Vice. Her sire, Telemark, is a Carnaval son, which we tried to buy at Kay Pattersons final sale. Coquette is such a good mom. Splash is her third black and white boy in a row, all with her high luster fiber and sweet disposition.

Stage Stop Shadow Play
ID# 295168
DOB 8-9-2020
Stage Stop Tikal's Twilight Zone x MGF Desire

I really like this girl! She is a true black, very correct female. She has a beautiful head and ears. This will be her first baby and we can hardly wait for it to get here! She is bred to Catawba for an April baby. Shadows dam is from the well known McRoberts Game Farm and her bloodlines include Peruvian Maximo PC!, Federico, Tial and MGF Dioressence.

RGA Miss Starlight
ID# 272144
DOB 6-6-2007

What an amazing female!! I can't say enough about Starlight. She has had 8 gorgeous babies for us. She has had a Grand National Champion in halter and Grand Champions in performance. All of her babies have fantastic dispositions and are very correct. I bought her at the Celebration from the Miltons and it was the best thing I ever did! She is 15 now and still the best mom on the place. She will never leave the farm! She is due in early April.

WOL Sierra Lady
ID# 282842
DOB 10-18-2011
GNLC Santiago x WLK Princess Laya

Just look at her bloodlines, an own daughter Santiago and out of Princess Laya!! I was judging a show in Grass Valley Ca when this beautiful 6 month old female came into the ring!! It was a double judged show and we both made her 1st place, Grand Champion and Phil made her best in show. I bought her after the show. She was shown 10 times and won 7 first place, 3 second place and 3 Grands and 1 reserve Champion. This was when the classes were huge. Lady is another one that went way over on her due date last year. She is being bred to Catawba for a spring 2024 cria.

Lotus Rose
DOB 5-21-2016
Easy Dun It x J & D's Little Sweetpea

This girl is just amazing! She is 46 inches at the withers, very correct and has a wonderful disposition. Lotus is a gentle giant. She is the first one every visitor asks about. She is being bred for a spring 2024 cria.

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