Henry Hills Llamas

Welcome to Henry Hills, located five miles west of Paris, Texas!

We breed and offer quality llamas for sale with correct conformation and gentle dispositions.

Stage Stop Hocus Pocus
Stage Stop Hocus Pocus (Skeeter)
Love this girl!

Margaret Henry and her daughter Debby Ervin, owners of Henry Hills LLamas, are well known in the llama community. We have raised, shown and just plain enjoyed llamas in our life for over 30 years. I was an ALSA and an ILR certified judge for over 20 years. I retired last year. It was a wonderful experience, one that I will never forget!

We were introduced to llamas in 1994 when we were helping with the Handicapable Rodeo in Paris and a farm brought a few weanling male llamas for the children to see. It was the first time we had been close to a llama and fell in love with them! We bought one on the spot! We have raised Quarter Horses, pure bred dogs, longhorn cattle and everything in between and have enjoyed them all - but llamas just seem to grab you. We cannot imagine our life without them!

We keep our operation small so we can guarantee the temperament and quality of every animal on the place. They are raised with some of the animals mentioned as well as cats, donkeys and pygmy goats!

All our llamas are well-bred, structurally correct, and suitable for show or as companion animals. Because we keep our herd small and select, we can offer llamas for sale at truly reasonable prices, often far below market. See our Llamas for Sale page for our top quality crias and adults available.

We offer basic training information, on going support, and a genuine commitment to finding the best match of human and llama.

If you're a first time llama owner, we will be delighted to introduce you to this wonderful world! Call us when you're ready to buy, or if you're just looking around!

Kada, one of our Corgi's

Henry Hill Llamas
Brookston, TX
(just outside of Paris, TX)
Phone: 903-784-8257
Email: henryhillsllamas@gmail.com

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